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pow wow and country

many differnet ones

many native crafts

I am Chirichua Apache and Pa dutch mix

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04/21/2018 14:31:25

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04/21/2018 12:42:17

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04/21/2018 12:04:31

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04/21/2018 11:50:52

Temps are going up here. Almost time to put the a/c on.

Have a super day Kiddo! 

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04/21/2018 10:28:55

PARMIONOVA: International Mother Earth Day 2014, April 22


Happy Earth Day 2017 Wishes Quotes Messages Slogans ...


Mother Earth Prayer
Mother Earth hear your child, As I sit here on your lap of grass, I listen to the echoes of your voice In my brother, the Wind, As he blows from all corners and directions. The soft and gentle raindrops are the Tears you cry for your children Teach me the Lessons you offer: To nurture my children, as you nurture yours, To learn the Lessons of the Four Kingdoms, that make up this World of Physical Things, and To Learn to Walk the Path chosen so long ago. Mother Earth, hear your child, Be a bond between the Worlds of Earth and Spirit. Let the Winds echo the Knowledge of the Grandfathers. Who await, unseen, yet visible if I only turn my eyes to their World. Let me hear their Voices, in the Winds that Blow to the East.
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From the East: I seek the Lessons of Childhood: To see with the trusting innocence of a small one, The Lessons of Spirit, Given in Love by our Creator.
From the South: to Learn the Ways of Questioning: The Fire and Independence of adolescence, The Truths, and how they help us Grow along this Path.
From the West: where the Grandfathers teach us Acceptance of Responsibility That come during the years of Marriage and Family. That my own children grow Strong, and True.
From the North: where the Elders, who by their long lives Have learned and stored Wisdom and Knowledge. And Learned to Walk in Balance and Harmony with our Mother, the Earth.
Mother Earth, hear your child. Hold my hand as I Walk my Path in this World. Guide me to the Lessons I seek, bring me closer to Our Creator, Until I return to the Western Direction, to once again Enter the World of Spirit, Where the Sacred Fire Awaits, and I rejoin the Council of the Elders, In the Presence of the One Who-Created-All......Sending you many Great Spirit Blessings and Season's Greetings my precious brothers and sisters...Have a peaceful day ...Stay  safe .....With love and respect and love always...Blessings Wandering Deer... (Carol Anne)...

As one we walk this earth together
As one we sing to her our song
As one we love her
As one we heal her
Her heart beats with our own as one.

As one we join with her our mother
As one we feel her sacred song
As one we touch her
As one we heal her
Her heart beats with our own as one

bEarth/b Quotes. QuotesGram

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