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02/02/2023 08:41:38

02/02/2023 08:39:51

Hearty Greetings,

my lovely Friend,

No big words today...

Just my question:

How are you?

And my wish for you,

that your day is 

good to you!

~As Always with Respect~

Huge Hug...Vicky x x

02/02/2023 06:50:09

Aww yes, I got up early enough to drop a line off on you this morning. Today is a brand new day, Make it fabulous and share your smile. Robert

02/02/2023 06:48:53


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02/02/2023 04:31:36

02/02/2023 03:35:54

Happy Thursday!

02/02/2023 03:33:03

02/02/2023 02:44:35




02/01/2023 23:54:34

Good morning sweet LadyPatricia and heartily greetings to you , hugs


02/01/2023 23:15:46

La Chandeleur is a very old festival
It has become over time a Christian holiday
Today, it is mostly celebrated as “Pancake Day”
and most people don't see anything religious
about this holiday
Happy Feast for Candlemas
And yes today
It's pancake day
Good day to you my friend
… Friendship of Calinette …

02/01/2023 22:21:13

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02/01/2023 21:35:17

02/01/2023 21:26:21


02/01/2023 20:52:26

Wow, what a day. Woke up this morning, a bit chilly outside. So, I did a about face and grabbed a heavy jacket. Got to work, and it seemed that things just started to fall into place. Day passed with a lot getting done, tho the job will never be done. Boss should be pleased. Just wanted to drop in, wish you a good night sleep with sweet dreams, and glad I am able to join you in the new month of Feburday. See you tomorrow. Robert

02/01/2023 20:42:13

02/01/2023 20:29:23

02/01/2023 20:11:23

Much Thank You

Beautiful Loving Night With Blessing Always

Smile And Hug's

02/01/2023 20:10:40

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02/01/2023 19:55:50

02/01/2023 18:31:55

02/01/2023 18:20:47

Glad I have extra Blankets..

Dang..it's cold ..Stay Warm 

02/01/2023 18:04:18

Evening the weather getting cold they  say will drop -33 this weekend

pick-up my new car..  so many features will take me forever to figure them out.

its all connected to my phone   driving me crazy., have to go back Friday for the registration., because i wanted to keep my plates there vanity.. hope you had a great day.,  see you tomorrow

02/01/2023 16:25:18



02/01/2023 15:28:38

02/01/2023 14:59:31

Hello, May you have a happy Wednesday today 

with all the blessings of heaven, 

may you be prosperous and live with joy.

take care.kisses,maria

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