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12/10/2019 10:21:18

12/10/2019 10:19:57

12/10/2019 10:18:47

I just feel like I'm the luckiest person in the world being able to do what I love like being here with you and be able to do it all day every day if I like, you know, I mean it's great, I love it. Happy Tuesday Sweet you! Mwah! Christy

12/10/2019 10:17:43

make it a fun day..mk

12/10/2019 10:08:08

You didn't get stamped out of a mold. You aren't a "black person" or a "white person," a "fat person" or a "skinny person," a "bad person" or a "good person." You are a highly complex human being with emotions, beliefs, capabilities. Each day you face challenges to your health, relationships, finances, and world-view -- and every day you respond to those challenges in ways which are unique to you.


Honor and love all of your unique self. Never diminish yourself with self-applied labels or categorizations.


Today's affirmation:

I follow my own star and my own inner compass.

- Jonathan Lockwood Huie....Good Morning..Happy Trails Carol Anne..


The seven virtues of life is love, peace, hope, humility, harmony, faith and forgiveness, when we practice these within our life than we walk in beauty. For these virtues only come from a higher, more evolved energy, for they are the properties and the very essence of the Great Mystery and the divine source. If we wish to emulate the power that is greater than us, we must than discipline ourselves to react to everything with this higher evolved energy. Even though we are only human and imperfect and are susceptible to these lower unevolved energies, we must discipline ourselves to react in this good way for the benefit of our well being. For truly in essence lower energies are a poison to our systems and they cause undo stress, these lower evolved energies are here for a reason, for they help us survive in times of troubles but truly they can be overused and felt when they are not needed. We have to teach our mind from our heart to develop and react with these seven virtues if we want to grow spiritually. Ekosi.ߌΰߒհߌ

12/10/2019 09:54:45

I'll make Coco and Pop Corn...

If you want to watch Christmas Movies with me :)

12/10/2019 09:51:17

12/10/2019 09:40:49
This was my 1st watercolor..

12/10/2019 09:25:17
hello.. Sorry ive been away so long but my computer crashed.. Have a great day my friend and thanks for not giving up on me.. :)

12/10/2019 09:04:28

Mornin' to you all. Well this is it...the night of my official retirement. This old bird is making a break for freedom at long last. Feeling excited, happy, and a little sad all at the same time. Geez... ~ Marcia

12/10/2019 08:52:18

Good afternoon have a peachy Tuesday

luv and hugs xxx

12/10/2019 08:43:38

good morning..have a nice Tuesday xoxo 
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12/10/2019 08:01:13

12/10/2019 07:50:54

Do you have your shopping done?

15 days till Christmas Day :)

12/10/2019 06:33:51

a Busy Time of the Year!
Just stopping by to say
to my Sweet Friend!
Wishing You a very
Happy & Fun Day.
Love, Hugs
& Smiles:))).

12/10/2019 06:25:49

12/10/2019 06:23:46

12/10/2019 05:38:29

 photo page_right_zpsmwsweex6.jpg
 photo baby_flower123_zpsnisskhio.jpg

Remember back when we were kids
and every time it was
below zero out they
closed school?
Me neither.

 photo 48993155_4679540_86fc0e202c33.gif
 photo 27yyy_zpsbh59bvxl.gif

Have a neat Tuesday
and hope your day yesterday
was good. We will be shopping
today for groceries and then
today, the 10th, is the
little twins 5th birthday.
Stella and Josie are both
excited. Hugs, and thanks
for the friendship.

12/10/2019 05:33:20

Have a good day;)

12/10/2019 04:58:53

A Wonderful New Week to You my Precious Friend...;)

12/10/2019 04:45:24

12/10/2019 04:16:01

12/10/2019 03:56:17

Que pases un fantastico día, pasalo bien y disfruta!    Te mando besos con mucho cariño.

12/10/2019 03:47:05

Have A Good Day Friend :)

12/10/2019 02:53:22

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