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We would like to thank all of our Boomer Members who chose to take part in the Boomers Design Contest. We have watched members grow in their Design talents and appreciate how they have shared with others to help them know more about the ins and outs of profile design. You all have done a great job.

We will be taking a small break at this time and will begin our Easter/Spring Design Contest on March 20, 2016. During this break check out the Design Profile Help page and we will try to have some post to help you learn more about profile design.

Again, thanks to everyone and looking forward to more designs.

Thank You,

Admin John and Admin Deb


We will begin accepting nominations on March 20th. Remember, this is a design contest not a best friends contest. It is all about design.

1. Keep your design within the guidelines of our Boomer regulations. NO NUDITY or PROFANE LANGUAGE will be accepted.

2. Your page will need to be open/viewable to all Boomer Members. No Private pages will be accepted to allow all Boomer Members the opportunity to view your profile page and nominate/vote. You can make your page open but set your comments to private so others can view your page but they cannot leave comments. Nominated Pages must stay open and the design up until after the winners have been posted. Please do not start a new design until the Winners have been announced.

3. If you would like to design a page for this contest but do not want to open your current profile page you may create a second account just for design. This page can also be used for other design contest we have in the future. Please remember our 2 account limit for profile pages. Only 1 profile page may be nominated per member.

4. Go to the DESIGN CONTEST PAGE and click on SEND MESSAGE in the contact panel and send your nominations. You also vote in the same manner. We will list all of the nominees linked on the Design Contest Page so you can click and view each a week before it is time to vote. Only nominations/votes sent to the Design Profile Page will be counted.

5. Do not send in your votes with your nominations as this is unfair to all who have worked so hard and have taken the time to enter the contest and your vote will not be counted. Send in your nominations within the time frame listed below and then send in your votes in the same manner.

6. You May Nominate your own Page if you wish so you do not miss out on this opportunity to share your design work and also the opportunity to win up to 5000 points! You CAN vote for yourself in the contest. You can nominate your own page and vote for yourself.

7. Please vote for the top 3 best profile pages in each class. Please do not send in votes for just 1st place in each class and do not send in votes for the same person over 1 time. These votes will not be counted. You have 9 votes total, 3 from each class. Send in your 9 votes for the 9 overall best designed profile pages.

8. We will take nominations until the end of the day of March 30th, 2017. Voting will begin on April 1st.

Last Day to Vote is Noon CST. April 14th.

Winners will be announced on the day after Easter, April 17th by the end of the day.

If you have any questions please send them to Admin John or Admin Deb at the Design Profile Contest Page. We will announce when our next Design Contest will be.

Thank You,

Admin John and Admin Deb


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