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We would like to thank everyone who nominated and who voted, as it is very much appreciated!

Please make sure when nominating we ask that member if they choose to be in the contest so that we don't have to remove someone after profiles are posted.

Also To make it easier in setting up the pages for the contest & counting votes we ask those with Multiple Profiles NOT to nominate more than one of their pages or vote from the different profiles they may have. The rule is one page entered and one vote per member. This is time-consuming and the double pages in the contest & votes always get Weeded Out making it fair to all members.

Again Thank you for a great job in the contest!

Time for the Christmas Design Contest.

Nominations Start On __Dec 1st 2018______
and End on __Dec8th 2018_____

Voting Begins ON December 11th 2018
Voting Ends at the end of the Day on December 18th 2018

Winners Posted by the end of the day On December 21st 2018

New Design Contest Catagory Starting Next Contest - DesignPartners

We are going to start a New category for beautiful premade layouts that will be called DesignPartners. It will be a great way for anyone to get started in the design contest and learn the basics of great design with a great layout by adding just the right pics and Music that just makes it the Best it could be and it will be Fun.

"It's going to be FUN"

Please VOTE for the top 3 Best Profile Pages in each Class.

Your Votes Matter and are Important.
Please include all votes in one email.Or they will not be counted , you may use the template.

Thank you.

Please do not send in votes for just a 1st place in each class and do not send in votes for the same person more than once.
These votes will not be counted.

You have 12 votes total, 3 from each class. Plus 3 Votes in Masterclass and vote first second and third when their is 3 in design team section

Please Send in your overall all Best-Designed profile page VOTES.

Please Review all pages before YOU Vote for Best Page Designs
& Not just Best friends

Here is a template to help you Vote

( Copy, Add your Votes, Paste & Send in Votes )

Master Class C
1st -
2nd -
3rd -

1st -
2nd -
3rd -

1st -
2nd -
3rd -

1st -
2nd -
3rd -

Design Partners

Design Contest Team
3rd if posted
Focus on the Christmas season

Please Review all pages before YOU Vote for Best Page Designs & Not just Best friends

Please Send Your Votes Here:


We will begin accepting nominations for our ____ Contest on __The 1st, of December 2018. You may design your page in any "Christmas design" you would like as long as it is within our Boomer Guidelines and Regulations. Example.

1. NO NUDITY or PROFANE LANGUAGE will be accepted.

2. Your page will need to be open/viewable to all Boomer Members. No Private pages will be accepted to allow all Boomer Members the opportunity to view your profile page and nominate/vote. You can make your page open but set your comments to private so others can view your page but they cannot leave comments. Nominated Pages must stay open and the design up until after the winners have been posted. Please do not start a new design until the Winners have been announced. If you change or remove your page from public viewing before the winners are announced You will loose your winning position,

3. If you would like to design a page for this contest but do not want to open your current profile page you may create a second account just for design. This page can also be used for other design contest we have in the future. Please remember our 2 account limit for profile pages. Only 1 profile page may be nominated per member and Voted on when voting starts.

4. Go to the DESIGN CONTEST PAGE and click on SEND MESSAGE in the contact panel and send your nominations. You also vote in the same manner. We will list all of the nominees linked on the Design Contest Page so you can click and view each a couple of days before it is time to vote. Only nominations/votes sent to the Design Profile Page will be counted.

5. Do not send in your votes with your nominations as this is unfair to all who have worked so hard and have taken the time to enter the contest and your vote will NOT be counted. Send in your nominations within the time frame listed below and then send in your votes in the same manner.

6. You May Nominate your own Page if you wish so you do not miss out on this opportunity to share your design work and also the opportunity to win up to 5000 points! You CAN vote for yourself in the contest. You can nominate your own page and vote for yourself.

7. Please take the time to view each profile page nominated and then vote for the top 3 best profile pages in each class. Please do not send in votes for just a 1st place in each class and do not send in votes for the same person over 1 time. These votes will not be counted. You have 9 votes total, 3 from each class. Send in your 11 votes for the 11 overall Best Designed profile pages. Please send in all 11 votes in at one time. We do not need 11 different emails for each place and class.

The first and second place winners move up to the next category.

Nominations will begin on the 1st of December 2018

We will take Nominations until the end of day on the 8th,of December , 2018.

Voting will Begin on 11th of December 2018

Last Day to Vote is 18 th of December . 2018

Winners will be Announced on the 21st of December 2018.

If you have any questions please send them to the Profile Contest Page.

Thank You,

Design Contest Team

Kaylou NaturesAlly Admin

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