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07/24/2017 12:04:32

All what I wish You is Happiness for the New Week !

With fields of Love & Magic my Cherished Friend ;)


07/24/2017 11:54:09

07/24/2017 10:13:40

There is a charm about the forbidden that makes it 

unspeakably desirable.     

~ Mark Twain ~

07/24/2017 10:11:57

07/24/2017 10:08:53

***Good Morning Angelface***

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07/24/2017 10:05:08

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07/24/2017 09:35:28

 photo 25f4acc961bac10fa60db685e619ffe4_zpssmahfezw.jpg

07/24/2017 08:49:08

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Image result for funny mondays picturesImage result for funny mondays pictures

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07/24/2017 06:49:44

Image du Blog lysiarose.centerblog.net
Image du Blog lysiarose.centerblog.net
Happy Monday my Dear Friend. I hope You enjoyed Your Weekend like I did. Have a Lovely Day Today. GOD BLESS. Love, Hugs & Smiles:))), Judy

07/24/2017 04:44:47
Good morning on this Monday morning.  We have passed another weekend.  Hopefully successfully, but nonetheless we are out the other side.  I have gone through my trials and tribulations with my provider.  Fortunately everything seems to be working properly now.  Fortunately, also, my cable TV was not affected by the trauma by whatever caused the other problems with the rest of my service.  I'm finishing up at this time my 42 hour marathon of Mission Impossible.  I also have a problem with my carbon monoxide detector issuing alerts.  I have to assume that these are false alarms.  It is summer and windows are open and the only thing the furnace is doing is having a pilot light on.  Whatever!  I was planning on going and purchasing a new furnace today but then I remembered I have a dental appointment on the first. I do not want to clutter up my mind with too many things at once.  I shall attend my dental appointment and then sometime after that, I shall take appropriate action on the furnace.  The only reason I am really concerned is my furnace man told me last Christmas that there was a problem with the carbon monoxide.  In either case, I shall deal with that after the first.  I do want to take care of this in the summertime before the real cold weather in the winter.  My furnace is extremely old and I guess everything needs replacement.

It looks like a day without rain.  I think the next rain will be Tuesday.  We certainly have been getting a lot of water.  It was a nice morning for my exercise.  Nice and cool.  Have a good day.  Ciao for now and watch your wallet!

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