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“You want a love that consumes you. You want passion and adventure, and even a little danger...” — Damon's first words to Elena in The Departed

The relationship between the cured vampire/human doppelgänger, Elena Gilbert and the cured vampire/human, Damon Salvatore, is a complicated, but a popular and powerful romantic pairing, and a significant relationship in the series.

Though initially started on antagonistic terms, their relationship develops throughout the series. He was the narcissistic evil vampire, who came to town to seek revenge on his younger brother, who Elena happened to develop an interest in. When everyone had written Damon off as a bad guy who couldn't be redeemed, Elena, who was unafraid of him and willing to call him on his crap, saw something in him that hinted he wasn't entirely evil.

And so there marked the start of a tentative friendship. Over the seasons, their bond continues to grow, from becoming allies to friends, to best friends and, ultimately, lovers. He’s always saving her from danger and she’s saving him from his dark self, they both care deeply for each other, regardless of any obstacles that may come in their way

They both love each other with a passion that consumes them. For him, she is the best thing that has ever happened to him in his life. For her, he is the one that defines her and believes him to be her soulmate.

"Drawn together and not pulling away."— Describing their relationship

"Because of Damon's feelings for Elena, thinking that, for the very first time in his life that he has a home, Elena is the one who helped Damon find his home and his home is Elena."

"That's the journey, I don't just want to throw them together tomorrow. I'd be sad. I want to see the kiss, I want to see the sweaty palms, I want to see it all go down."

"Even before anything happened in our series, Elena had been touched in her soul by this man."

"This year, she's had a very traumatic roller coaster of life experience and it's changed her irrevocably—and at the center of it all was the die hard belief that she loved Damon, that she loved him more than she'd ever loved anyone."

"I think that's what makes them as a couple so powerful. Even if the story line is them not dating, it's still a love story."

"It was going to be something beautiful and epic, so the rain was a way of us [honoring] this group of fans who spent five years begging for this one thing. … I think it’s because of The Notebook … oh, and Spider-Man. Basically, there’s something about people coming together in the rain that’s the ultimate expression of love in the minds of most audiences."

"The show was so Delena-heavy. And their love was such an epic love and such a big story point for so many years that it's a strange dynamic now to have all that gone. Which is kind of what makes it interesting, because it's an Elena we've never seen before.""

"At the end of the day, it is for love and he's going to try everything he can to get her back and win her back."

"They’ve been through a lot. Love trumps all. So when you see, you want it to win."

"I think they're a pretty damn epic television couple."

"I think there’s some terrific fan fiction to be written about Damon’s first years as a human, but he was ready for it. He wanted it. He wants her. And when all is said and done, after going through such a trauma, to be able to grow old and die with your one true love is a beautiful solace in an otherwise difficult time."

"Elena and Damon had a connection that was unlike any other. And you could see it onscreen. It was a very tumultuous back-and-forth relationship. But love ultimately prevails"

Damon came back to Mystic Falls with the sole purpose of bringing back Katherine Pierce, the vampire with whom he had fallen in love as a human in 1864. However, after realizing that Katherine had secretly escaped the tomb but hadn't cared enough about him to find him, he resented her. He begins to fall for his younger brother Stefan's girlfriend, also Katherine's doppelgänger, Elena. His love for Elena makes him want to protect his birthtown instead of destroying it, as was his original purpose when he arrived. They form a rocky friendship.

Elena constantly forgives Damon from doing horrible things to her, such as killing her younger brother Jeremy (although he came back to life) or feeding her vampire blood (essentially ending her human life). Elena has admitted she sees the good in Damon and believes he's worth saving. Elena begins to reciprocate Damon's feelings for her, though continues to love Stefan.

Their friendship deepens, leading to them becoming best friends. Elena cares whether Damon lives or dies, and even when she chooses Stefan over him, Damon continues to still be there for her when she needs somebody and feels she can't turn to Stefan about it. Damon has never lied to her and would always tell her the truth, although he has admitted that he will lie to her if it saves her life.

After becoming a vampire, Elena breaks up with Stefan as her feelings for Damon had become too strong for her to ignore. Elena and Damon sleep together after she admits to her feelings. It's discovered that because Elena had feelings for Damon when she was human and it was his blood which turned her, a sire bond has been created between them. Damon begins to doubt her feelings for him and believes they are solely built on the sire bond. After being compelled by Rebekah to tell the truth, Elena reveals that she is no longer in love with Stefan and is instead in love with Damon.

She later confesses this to him, stating that it's the most real thing she's ever felt. After Jeremy dies, Damon uses the sire bond to get Elena to turn her emotions off, knowing that the pain would be too much for her. She loses all feelings she has for him as a result, but continues a relationship with him solely for manipulation, later telling him her feelings were all due to the sire bond. Damon's willing to do anything to get her emotions back, including torturing her and killing Matt (although he was brought back to life), which eventually proved successful.

Elena later chooses between Damon and Stefan for the second time, this time choosing Damon, since she had fallen out of love with Stefan. She confirms her love for Damon during a heartfelt confession from them both, and they kiss. Damon's later proud as he says to Alaric, "I got the girl."

Their relationship lasts the whole summer and briefly becomes long distance when she begins attending college. After realizing how he's changing her, he decides to break up with her, causing her great heartbreak. Stefan makes Damon realize how stupid he was acting and he decides to try and win her back. However, when he finally tells her, he's unaware that Katherine has taken over Elena's body when she rejects him. This sends him off the deep end and he becomes guilty when he finds out the truth.

After he tells her the truth, they mutually decide to end their relationship as they realize they have too much control over each other. However they end up sleeping together. But after that, Elena tells Damon that he has to let her go until they can figure things out.

As Markos, the Travelers' leader finally makes his appearance, Elena and Stefan begin to have visions of a life that they would never have. Damon is hurt by this but Elena lets him know that the universe doesn't control anything and that her and Damon are real, not those visions. She tries to be friends with him but he refuses and they try to avoid one another which turns out to be impossible.

After getting kidnapped by Markos, nearly dying and with a little encouragement from Stefan she tells Damon that she thought she would never see him again and couldn't think of a worse way to die and so they both rekindle their relationship. In the finale of Season Five, in order to bring Stefan back from the Other Side, Damon and Elena go on a suicide mission. However, when the resurrection spell starts, Damon is unable to come back from the Other Side. Knowing that the Other Side is disintegrating and there is no other way for Damon to return, Elena breaks down completely.

A ghost Damon confesses to her that she is the greatest thing that ever happened to him and the fact that he will die knowing he was loved by Elena Gilbert is the epitome of a fulfilled life. Damon says I love you and leaves while Elena continues to cry and pleas with him to return to her.

Months after Damon's death, Elena desperately mourns him. During that time, Elena had been using a witch drug that allowed her to hallucinate Damon as she does not want to believe that he's dead. Unable to go on with the memory of Damon, Elena has Alaric erase every good memory she has of him and doesn't remember loving him until she finally learns the truth from Stefan. After Damon's return from death, Elena tries to avoid him but changes her mind and decides that she wants her memories of him back.

However, Alaric becomes human because of crossing the anti magic border and is unable to give Elena her memories. At first, Elena tries to move on but then realizes she can't seem to shake her feelings for Damon. They both decide to make new memories and start their relationship anew. As they started to bond, Elena began to see the good side of Damon as he worked hard to bring Bonnie back from the Prison World.

During their new relationship, Elena continued to fall for Damon and eventually got back together with him after the death of Liz, which made her feel that life was too short, wanting to live her life to the fullest with him. During the growing love between the two, Bonnie managed to escaped the Prison World and give Damon the cure which Damon planned to get before.

As time went by, he still hadn't told Elena about the cure and started to question his future together with Elena. Eventually, his mother who was revealed to still be alive and was stuck in a prison world, stole the cure from Damon and put it in a place that Elena would find it. Damon and Elena talked about why he hid the cure from her because he didn't want to lose her and eventually chose to take the cure with her. Elena not wanting Damon to decide so quickly and resent her one day, knowing how much he loves being a vampire, asks for Stefan's help, to show Damon a brutal human life with Elena.

After watching an elderly couple, Damon made his final decision to take the cure. He would give up his vampire status to marry Elena and be the father or their children. As soon as Alaric and Jo's wedding took place, Kai killed Jo and attacked everyone, putting Elena into a coma. Kai revealed that he linked Elena and Bonnie together. As long as Bonnie lives, Elena won't wake from her sleep; so until Bonnie dies, Elena will wake. Damon made the selfless choice of saving Bonnie's life, making Elena proud of him. They shared their final moments together with a dance and a kiss. Damon will wait for Elena until the day she wakes.

Damon first met Elena the night her parents died. She met Damon in the middle of the road, and at first, he mistook her for Katherine. They started talking and even flirted a little. He told her that she wanted a love that consumed her, a love that was passionate, and a love that was a little dangerous. And then he told her that he wanted her to have everything she wanted.

After their moonlit conversation, Elena's parents had arrived and Damon compelled her to forget it ever happened. They were later reunited in The Night of the Comet, but she didn't remember him. This also explains the reason how Damon knew who Elena was when they met in the Salvatore Boarding House. Elena admitted in The Departed, that if she had met Damon first, things might have gone different between them and she would have chosen him over Stefan. This memory resurfaces after Elena transitioned into a vampire in Growing Pains.

In the Pilot, Damon spies on Elena by controlling a crow and a fog when she is writing in her diary at the cemetery. Damon met Elena at the Salvatore Boarding House when she was looking for Stefan, his brother. He purposely told her about Katherine Pierce, an old flame of Stefan and himself, though he didn't mention her name. He wanted Elena to think Stefan was still heartbroken and on the rebound from the last girlfriend he had, which was Katherine.

The relationship between cured vampire/human Damon Salvatore and cured vampire/witch doppelgänger Katherine Pierce has been complicated since their meeting in 1864, when Katherine stayed in their estate and Damon was serving in the Confederate army.

Damon fell deeply in love with Katherine, but unbeknownst to him, she'd also been seeing his brother Stefan, sparking the brothers' lifelong rivalry.

Their relationship ended when the town began eradicating the vampires. She was then taken away, and Damon and Stefan were shot by their own father while in an attempt to save her, causing the latters' turning into vampires.

Damon since then, has spent the following 145 years obsessed with freeing her from her tomb, only to find out that she was never in it in the first place.

Katherine returns to his life in The Return. Damon initially acts flippant towards her, however she seduces him before telling him that she never loved him. Throughout the following seasons, Damon's feelings for Katherine have dwindled while Katherine still attempts to seduce him from time to time.

It is later revealed that Katherine had in fact loved him and his brother, but would ultimately choose her own safety over them. Damon continued to resent her until Stefan expelled her soul from Elena's body.

Elena Gilbert was born on June 22, 1992 in Mystic Falls, Virginia, to John Gilbert and Isobel Flemming, who fled town a few days after giving birth.

John Gilbert's brother, Grayson and his wife Miranda Gilbert, who desperately wanted to have children, but were having difficulties conceiving, adopted the abandoned baby girl. Because Grayson was a doctor, he was able to tamper with the birth records, making himself and Miranda appear as Elena's biological parents on her birth certificate.

If anyone ever became suspicious, Grayson and Miranda had the birth certificate for documentation proof. Elena later learned that she was a descendant of Katherine Pierce, the vampire that caused the feud between Damon and Stefan Salvatore back in 1864 and turned both brothers into vampires before faking her own death.

During her sophomore year, Elena was dating Matt Donovan, her oldest friend with whom she had formerly shared a crib with as children. At a bonfire, the two of them got into an argument where, afterwards, she called her parents to pick her up. While waiting to be picked up, she met Damon Salvatore, who confused her with Katherine, not yet aware of doppelgängers.

She told him, "I don't know what I want," she said."That's not true. You want what everybody wants," He answered. "You want a love that consumes you. You want passion, and adventure, and even a little danger." After talking to her, Damon told her that he wanted her to get everything she wanted in life, but compelled her to forget their meeting, because he didn't want anyone to know he was in town yet.

Elena's parents arrived to take her home in their car, and she then had no recollection of meeting him. They were later reunited but she didn't remember him.

After leaving the bonfire with her parents, their car unexpectedly drove off of Wickery Bridge. Elena somehow miraculously ended up in the hospital, alive, but her parents were not so lucky, had died. It was later revealed that Stefan Salvatore arrived at the scene during one of his visits to his nephew, Zach and, after hearing the car crash into the river, he dove into the water and swam to the car.

He tried to save Grayson, who was still conscious, but he gestured to Elena to indicate that he wanted her to be saved first. Stefan therefore took Elena to safety and she survived the accident, but unfortunately, her adoptive parents died before Stefan could save them too.

It was later revealed that John, her supposed uncle, was actually her biological father due to a relationship with Isobel during their teenage years.

Elena awakens on the morning after the accident to find out that she has become the thing she dreaded the most has come true- she died with Damon's blood that Dr. Meredith Fell had injected in her system. And she must go through a terrible transition to become a vampire or face certain death. Stefan promises her that he and Bonnie will exhaust every possible way out of the situation, but Damon is furious with his brother for letting her die in the first place.

Damon also tells her that there is no way out of it, "You feed or you die, there is no door number three." Later Elena is checking her mouth for fangs and Jeremy walks in and Elena runs over and they start talking and Elena is constantly looking at a lamp that is making a weird noise; once Jeremy left, she goes over and clutches the bulb and smashes it.

After Stefan makes her a sandwich she can't eat it, Stefan tells her he should have saved her first instead of Matt, but Elena tells him if he did, then Matt would be dead and she couldn't handle that. When Stefan mentions her finishing the transition she tells him they'll cross that bridge when they come to it.

Her statement makes her laugh uncontrollably as she slowly starts to cry too. She goes back upstairs and sees Damon, but realizes she's remembering the scene from Rose, where Damon tells her he loves her and compelled her to forget. After hearing noises downstairs she finds Stefan surrounded by deputies and Pastor.

They take them to Pastor's house, after Pastor tells her about his and the council's plan, she starts to leave the house when Pastor thinks she's one of them.

Physically, Elena is a very beautiful young woman with an oval face, light olive complexion, almond-shaped brown eyes which are sometimes mistaken as doe-eyes, and smooth, long, straight dark brown hair. Her height is about 5'5" to 5'6" and she has a slim, slightly athletic physique. Elena has an uncanny physical resemblance to her ancestor and her doppelgänger, Katherine Pierce, who often poses as Elena in order to trick others, mainly Stefan and Damon.

However, even though Elena and Katherine look exactly the same in terms of physical appearance as a result of being Petrova doppelgängers, there are some slight differences between the two girls in terms of fashion and style, and especially personality. Elena physically resembles the original Petrova Doppelgänger, Tatia, who is Katherine's doppelgänger.

Damon Salvatore is Elena's new boyfriend, best friend and Stefan's impulsive elder brother. As time, they fell in love with each other. Damon is a 170 year old immortal who is described as seductive, cocky, acts arrogant, impulsive, dangerous, and charming. Elena first met Damon when he was in Mystic Falls looking for his object of obsession for over a century, Katherine Pierce.

He then talked to Elena but afterwards, compelled her to forget their meeting. Elena then met Damon again at the Salvatore Boarding House when she went to look for Stefan. After a while, she started to view Damon as self-centered, violent, sociopathic and cruel, especially when she found out that he continuously abused and used her close friend, Caroline Forbes against her will.

She was horrified to discover that Damon was also behind all of the murders and unusual "animal" attacks in Mystic Falls.

Originally, Damon disliked Elena and was rather apathetic about whether Elena lived or died. Damon was drawn to Elena, mostly due to the fact that Elena bears an uncanny resemblance to the object of his obsession for over a century, Katherine. Although Damon and Elena often bicker and don't get along, Elena began to slowly warm up to him as she got to know him, befriending him in the process.

But she still kept her distance due to Damon's constant immoral and impulsive behavior. Damon and Elena's friendship deepens with time and the two become closer, Damon fallen for Elena and Elena developing feelings for Damon.

Damon once told Elena that he loved her, but that he didn't deserve her, but Stefan does. He then compelled her to forget his confession afterwards. As opposed to Stefan, Damon is seen to be extremely selfish when it comes to Elena, willing to put the life of Elena's before anyone else's, including Elena's loved ones. But he has grown and changed, protecting Elena, her family, and friends.

It has been a consistency throughout that Elena cares deeply about Damon and has some feelings for him. But now Elena and Damon are closer than ever, and the sexual tension between them has even increased as Elena's emotions were heightened. Stefan ended his relationship with Elena because of her no longer fighting the feelings she has for Damon.

Elena admitted to Damon that he was the reason for her breakup with Stefan and with Jeremy trying to kill her, Elena was forced to move into the boarding house with Damon. Stefan moved out when she moved in because of the awkward situation and relationship between her and Damon. Damon and Elena also made love for the first time and became a real couple the night she moved in with him.

Damon has never, not once, given any indication that Elena would “lose” him, under any circumstances really. Quite the opposite, he promised never to leave her again. The passion they share is hard to define. Damon once again had the opportunity to prove his worth and show Elena his humanity. She brings out the good side of him — that he doesn’t have to kill for fun and drink blood from innocent people. This humanity makes it only harder for Elena to hide her true feelings for Damon.

She cares very much about him. Throughout their time together she maintains a rocky relationship with him but they manage to overcome anything. She confessed her love for him after the sire bond was broken.

Tel un soleil, tu brûles tout autour de toi, like a sun, you burn everything around you, rien ne te résiste, la glace devient vapeur, nothing will resist the ice becomes steam, tes yeux étincelant me laisse sans voix, your eyes glistening leaves me speechless je me laisse doucement envahir par ta chaleur I gently let myself be overwhelmed by your warmth ...

Un doux baiser que l'on a partagé a sweet kiss that was shared et nos coeurs ont chavirés and our hearts have capsized laissant nos voix coupé letting our voice cut on a lentement réalisé was slowly realized que ce jour sera pour nous that this day will be for us le début d'un grand amour the beginning of a great love au fil du temps, over time, nous planons ensemble we hover together vers un horizon rien qu'à nous toward a horizon only for us nous emportant au gré du vent taking us in the wind des instants mirifiques outlandish moments avec toi si romantique with you so romantic nos destins se ressemblent our destinies are similar nos vies sont faites our lives are made pour être ensemble to be together toi, moi le reste après you, me the rest after continuons ce chemin parfait continue this way perfect sans fin endless ...

Every morning at my side, I feel your perfume on my door, celui du jasmin, comme cette odeur qui me transporte, that of jasmine, as the fragrance that transports me, j'ai envie de ta peau et ses effluves du printemps, I feel like your skin and fragrance of spring te sentir m'effleurer et profiter de chaque instant. touches me to feel and enjoy every moment. Ton élégance est un frisson et passionné est ton visage, your style is a thrill and passion is your face tu es belle à mes yeux, quand je te vois c'est un voyage, you are beautiful in my eyes when I see it is a journey, tu es une île paradisisaque, comme celles du pacifique, paradisisaque you're an island, like those of the Pacific et chacun de tes mouvements, est un moment érotique and your every movement, is an erotic moment.

Tu es comme le nougat, car ton amour est un délice, you're like nougat, because your love is a delight, je veux te boire et me rendre ivre, jusqu'à vider le calice et chacun de tes baisers, à le parfum de la rose. and each of your kisses, the scent of the rose. Tes nuits sont ma passion et les tiennes sont encensées, your nights are my passion and yours are acclaimed, j'approche mes lèvres de ta peau, j'aime ta couleur blanche et nacrée, I approach my lips to your skin, I love your white and pearly, je sens ton souffle qui m'envahit, je veux être ton prisonnier, I feel your breath that fills me, I want to be your prisoner t'aimer toutes les nuits, t'aimer à perpétuité love you every night, love you forever ...

Un passage sans ton amour, est une journée en enfer, a passage without your love, is a day in hell je veux t'aimer avec passion et te montrer ma pureté, I want to love passionately and show you my purity, et conjuguer à tes côtés, à tous les temps le verbe aimer and join your side at all times the word love. Je veux t'enclaver et te garder rien que pour moi, I t'enclaver and keep you just for me, tu es une reine à mes côtés, même si je ne suis pas un roi, you're a queen by my side, although I'm not a king, je suis un prince de la rue, sans château et sans un rond.

I am a prince of the streets, without a castle without a round, mais mon amour est tellement grand, qu'il dépasse la raison. but my love is so great that it is beyond reason. Tu as tiré une rafale, tu m'as touché en plein coeur, you have fired a round, you've touched the heart, tes balles m'ont foudroyées et ont sifflées l'air du bonheur, whistled the air of happiness je veux sentir tes mains et sentir ton parfum, I want to feel your hands and smell your perfume, et te sentir à mes côtés, au réveil, chaque matin and to feel you by my side, waking up every morning, there is no mystery because you are my woman ...

Your body's burning desire has fueled my desire for you, entre murmure et soupir je me suis blottie au creux de tes bras between murmur and sigh I nestled in the hollow of your arms. J'ai ressenti ta chaleur pénétrer dans mon sang I felt your heat into my blood et cette lueur dans tes yeux que j'aime tant and that glimmer in your eyes I love so much.

Tes bras entourent ma poitrine et tes lèvres effleurent les miennes your arms around my chest and your lips brush against mine tout à coup je deviens coquine le désir s'infiltre dans mes veines. Suddenly I become mischievous desire seeps into my veins.

J'ai envie de toi et de ton corps sentir ta peau et goûter la saveur du plaisir, I want you and your body feel your skin and taste the flavor of desire, il n'y a aucun mot pour definir cet instant, c'est juste du bonheur à saisir. There are no words to define this moment, it's just happiness to be seized.

S'il ya un huitième ciel, je l'ai trouvé et tout ton être est devenu ma terre d'exil if there is an eighth heaven, I found it and your whole being became my place of exile je me réfugie quand je suis égarée car tu es ma vie, ma maison, mon asile I retreat when I got lost because you are my life, my home, my refuge ...

Bonnie Sheila Bennett was a heroine and one of the main female characters, and until recently, the Anchor to The Other Side on The Vampire Diaries. While she fills the role of counselor and confidante, Bonnie was also the brassy-but- cautious witch, who discovered her powers just in time to help out her family and friends.

She is best friends with Caroline Forbes, Elena Gilbert, and Damon Salvatore who was once her boyfriend. She attended Mystic Falls High School. She now attends Whitmore College with Caroline and Elena. Bonnie is noted for having many heroine tendencies, including repeatedly being ready to sacrifice herself for her friends. As her powers have increased, Bonnie stepped up at every opportunity to trade her life for those of her friends.

Luckily, when Bonnie was alive and well, her spell-casting abilities most definitely came in handy when the Originals came to Mystic Falls. Since gaining the power of Expression later on in the series, Bonnie had become one of the most powerful characters in the series: she was able to take down two members of the Original family with ease.

Bonnie attempted to use spirit, Expression, and dark magic all at once to bring Jeremy back from the dead. Her Grams warned her that no magic was strong enough to challenge the will of Nature, but Bonnie refused to listen. It was too much for her therefore killing her in the process.

Qetsiyah transferred the status of Anchor to the Other Side from Amara to Bonnie, allowing her to exist on both sides of the living and the dead. However, Bonnie is now forced to feel the pain of every supernatural death, and no longer has access to the powerful magic she once had.

After Markos violently tore his way out of The Other Side with the help of the Travelers, it began falling apart as his unnatural resurrection dis-balanced it. The blood of the doppelgangers used in the spell also reversed magic that was holding the Other Side together, which then began imploding on itself. This threatened Bonnie with permanent death seeing as she was The Anchor.

Despite great effort on both her and her friend's part to save the Other Side, it finally destroyed itself completely, and with it, Bonnie, together with Damon, also died the same day. Both of them were the last people left on the Other Side as it fell down around them. Bonnie spent her last moments with him and finally, their deaths were marked by a white light that surrounded them.

Bonnie was born on February 15 1992, to Rudy Hopkins and Abby Bennett in Mystic Falls, Virginia. Her mother abandoned her, after taking down the Original Vampire Mikael and losing all of her powers, in order to protect her best friend Miranda Sommers-Gilbert's adoptive daughter Elena, who is the doppelgänger needed to break Klaus' Hybrid curse. Even though it isn't implied, it appears that her father gave her Abby's maiden name "Bennett", although for unknown reasons. Bonnie befriended Caroline Forbes and Elena during her childhood.

Her grandmother Sheila Bennett, at one point tried to explain to Bonnie about her witch heritage, although Bonnie dismissed this because she thought that her grandmother was drunk and before the beginning of the series, she tried to explain to Bonnie about her witch heritage again.

In Pilot, as Bonnie Bennett began her junior year at Mystic Falls High School, she, along with every other girl in school, fell under the charm of Stefan Salvatore; a new, handsome and mysterious student at school. Bonnie also revealed to Elena that she is a descendant of the Salem sorcerers, and that she and her grandmother are supposedly witches. As Bonnie continues to joke about her preternatural powers, during the Back to School Party, Bonnie inexplicably reads Elena's past.

As Bonnie adjusts to her new life as a witch, she begins spending more and more time with her warm and loving grandmother, Sheila Bennett, who is also a witch. However, it wasn't until after the death of Sheila, Bonnie began to take the subject seriously studying all her grandmother's material. After countless battles between Damon and Stefan, Sheila died after she reluctantly agreed to break Emily Bennett's spell, one of the descendants of Bonnie Bennett, and free the vampires trapped from the tomb underneath Fell's Church.

In Family Ties, Bonnie and Caroline arrive at Mystic Grill. Bonnie is worried about Caroline seeing Damon but Caroline assures Bonnie that Damon is safe and that he just has lots of issues with his brother, Stefan. Bonnie encourages Caroline to give away the secret that Damon revealed to her about Stefan. Soon at the Ball, Bonnie, alone at a table, notices a candle being blown out. She relights it just by staring at the candles, but instantly she blows it out. When Carol Lockwood complains about the unlit candles in the uncrowded room and the waiter goes to get the matches from the kitchen, Bonnie amazes herself by lighting one and the one lit candle lighting the unlit candles and the lights with her powers.

In You're Undead To Me, Bonnie is seen at Caroline's house on her bed. As she listens to her, she tries to light a candle. Caroline asks what she's doing with the candle. And Bonnie, as if she woke up from a sleep says "Nothing". Bonnie trying to light candle. She puts the candle down and takes The Bennett Talisman and asks what it is. Caroline explains that Damon was going to give it to her, Bonnie comments "It's ugly" right before Caroline snatches it. Then At school when Stefan comes up to Bonnie and Elena, Bonnie instantly flees saying "Hey you know, I gotta go, be somewhere right now". Afterwards Bonnie attends The Sexy Suds Car Wash. A man arrives with his car, hoping it will get washed, and Tiki comments that they can wash the car, but it will always be a "POS".

Bonnie, angered with Tiki's attitude, makes the hose run with her powers and Tiki gets wet in the process. Tiki later is in charge of the car wash and makes Bonnie sweep the pavement because it has to be dry. Bonnie in anger burns the pavement and the fire travels up along the water and along with the car is set alight. Stefan runs over to Bonnie and shakes her. Bonnie asks what happened and whether she did it or not. When Stefan says yes, Bonnie asks him not to tell anyone. Later, Bonnie arrives at Sheila's house. When Sheila opens the door, Bonnie is crying and says that she doesn't know what's going on.

In Haunted, Bonnie learns more and more about witchcraft from her grandmother, Sheila. Sheila talks about the history and how serious witchcraft can be. Halloween is coming, and Caroline gives Bonnie a witch Halloween costume. Bonnie finds The Bennett Talisman and asks if it's the one that Caroline got from Damon. At the Halloween Party Bonnie is front of a cauldron filled with candies. Damon approaches to her, and asks her where Caroline is. In respond Bonnie warns him to stay away from her. Damon notices the Bennett Talisman Bonnie is wearing and asks where she got it from. He easily figures that Caroline gave it to her, notes that it's his and wants it back.

Bonnie says that she's not going to give it back, she says she's going to give it to Caroline, and if Caroline feels like giving it to Damon, he can have it. Damon tries to pull it off her neck, but the necklace burns his hand. Bonnie runs away and comes home as soon as possible. And tells Sheila everything. Sheila says that the necklace belonged to one of the most powerful witches in their family, and she shows Bonnie an old picture of a woman who is also wearing the same necklace: Emily Bennett. And also it is revealed that she is Bonnie's great-great-great-great-grandmother.

In 162 Candles, Bonnie decides to pack up at her grandmother's and go home. Knowing that her father doesn't like her to be gone for long. Bonnie tries to give her grandmother Sheila the necklace back but she says no and that it belongs to Bonnie. It is a talisman that has been passed down from generation to generation and it has found its way back to Bonnie. Bonnie decides her grandmother is right and leaves the necklace on, but just wishes it was a little bit prettier. Bonnie pays an early visit to Elena in her room.

She apologizes to Elena for being an absentee friend these past few days. Feeling that she can trust Elena, Bonnie swears her to secrecy and shows some of the things her grandmother taught her. She rips open her feather pillow to Elena's surprise and proceeds to make the feathers fly up into the air. Elena is shocked but happy that Bonnie shared this with her. Back at the Mystic Grill, Caroline spots Bonnie and asks her about the necklace. Bonnie refuses to give it back. When Caroline reaches out to grab the necklace, she gets a shock from the necklace. Bonnie senses that it isn't actually Caroline who wants the necklace but Damon. She tells Caroline to have Damon ask for it back himself. Bonnie walks off, upset.

In History Repeating, Bonnie dreams of her ancestor, Emily asking Bonnie for help. She is scared when she wakes from what she thought was a dream and finds herself at the ruins of the old Fell's Church. She senses that her relative “Emily” keeps trying to tell her something and feels that the necklace has a lot to do with it. Later, at school, once again and without luck again, Damon confronts Bonnie about the necklace. She still refuses to hand it over to him.

He tells her that he would not hurt her and in fact, he can help her get rid of Emily. Damon tells Bonnie that the next time she sees Emily, to tell her “a deals a deal”. Driving home from school, Bonnie tells Elena that she feels the necklace is causing all of this situation with Emily. Pulling off the road suddenly, Bonnie gets out and throws the necklace far into a deserted field. Elena is shocked but knows that it will make Bonnie feel more relieved. Elena invites Caroline and Bonnie to dinner so that they can try and be friends again. When Bonnie arrives, she tells Caroline that the “necklace” drama is all over and that she threw it in a field.

They decide to do manicures and Caroline goes into Bonnie's bag to get the kit out. Seeing the necklace in the bag, Caroline calls her a liar. Bonnie tries to convince her that she was telling the truth and that the necklace shouldn't be in there. Realizing that she over reacted, Caroline apologized to Bonnie. Suddenly, Caroline has the idea to have a séance to see what “Emily” wants from Bonnie. During the séance, the threesome start to get scared when a breeze blows through and the candles begin to flicker. The candles begin to flicker some more and Bonnie decides it's enough. She throws the The Bennett Talisman down by the candles.

A moment later, the necklace is nowhere to be found. Once again, Bonnie and Elena believe that Caroline has taken it. Caroline convinces them that it was not her. Looking for the necklace, Bonnie, Caroline and Elena are about to give up. Soon, Bonnie is surprised to see the necklace laying on the bathroom floor. Bonnie enters the bathroom and suddenly the door shuts after her. Caroline and Elena rush over to help her but they can't seem to open the door. Finally after a struggle, the door opens and Bonnie appears calm and slightly different.

Telling them she's fine, Bonnie walks away towards the door. Passing by the mirror, the reflection is not that of Bonnie but of Emily instead. Fearing for Bonnie, Elena yells for Bonnie not to leave. Noticing that Bonnie doesn't even hear her, Elena calls out “Emily” and immediately Bonnie stops. Bonnie/Emily tells Elena that she is going to destroy the necklace and that Damon will never get it back. Having had enough drama, Caroline decides to head on home.

Tuo, il mio sorriso e nel tuo bisogno you, my smile and in your needs di sicurezza a te conduce la mia mano… of leads to you my hand safety ... tu, a donarmi forza you, to give me strength mentre ti abbraccio while I embrace e mi perdo nell'incanto and I lose myself in the enchantment di ogni giorno fai tesoro everyday you treasure allarga le tue braccia e broadens your arms and il cuore segui… follow your heart ...

And I find myself now a spectator of my thoughts of a life that runs quickly and that leaves behind himself only breaths of wind sighs .. broken ... regrets and desires dormant ... Dove è finita l'allegria di un tempo... dove è finita la purezza di un sentimento vero quando mi bastava poco per correre felice, per vivere il momento e colorare le mie giornate solo con un sorriso e una parola dolce? Where has the relaxed atmosphere of a time ...

Where it's over the purity of a true feeling when it was enough just to run around happy, to live in the moment and coloring my days alone with a smile and a kind word? Perché non essere ancora protagonista di quel che ero...

Ritrovando in te i miei sogni accantonati, le mie spernze perse e il mio volerti amare? Why not be even the protagonist of what I was finding in you ... my dreams aside, my spernze lost and my wanting you to love? Perché non dare ora un volto a questo crescere dentro la mia anima... Perchè non trovare in te la purezza di un bacio vero... di carezze e brividi dimenticati solo per paura di perdermi ancora? Why not give now for a face to this growing inside my soul ...

Why do not you find yourself in the purity of a real kiss ... caresses and chills just forgot for fear of losing me yet? Il mio cuore palpita e vuole l'emozione che solo tu uomo pui donarmi con le tue carezze, con il tuo esserci arrivando in fondo alla mia anima che aspetta te impaziente... Fai entrare in scena questo mio corpo falllo vibrare... affonda in me le tue delusioni... doma questa cavalla intimorita e selvaggia... afferra le mie redini, fallo con dolcezza... Ritrova in me la farfalla che ora non ha più colore... Illuminami con l'autunno dei tuoi occhi... allarga le tue braccia... stringimi a te... Cancella il mio grigiore... il gelo porta via... fammi rinascere e come un fiore in primavera sarò per te il tuo profumo... il tuo nettare... il tuo pensiero fisso... un soffio di vita... donna da desiderare...

Damon Salvatore is a vampire, turned by Katherine Pierce one hundred
and forty-nine years ago.

He is the son of the late Giuseppe Salvatore and the older brother of Stefan

He is a charming, handsome and snarky person who loves Elena Gilbert.
In 1864, Damon was turned into a vampire after being shot by his
father with Katherine Pierce's blood in his system.

His transitioning was completed after his younger brother Stefan,
also now a vampire, convinced him to seduce and then turn a woman
into a sexy blood drinking vixen.

Damon, angry that Stefan forced him to complete his transition to
a vampire, vowed to make Stefan's life miserable - this would cause
over a century-long rift between the brothers.

"But you know what I really am? Selfish. Because I make bad choices
that hurt you. Yes, I would rather die than be human.

I'd rather die right now than spend a handful of years with you only
to lose you when I'm too old and sick and miserable and you're
still you.

I'd rather die right now than spend my last final years remembering
how good I had it and how happy I was.

Because that's who I am and I'm not going to change. And there's
no apology in the world that encompasses all the reasons that I'm
wrong for you.”

— Damon to Elena in Graduation

Damon’s sole purpose in coming back to Mystic Falls was to free
Katherine Pierce, the vampire who turned him and the woman he
deeply loved.

After realizing that Katherine never loved him, Damon started working
with Stefan and Katherine’s descendant and doppelgänger,
Elena Gilbert,

whom he eventually falls in love and begins a romantic relationship
with. He currently lives with his girlfriend, Elena Gilbert and
her brother, Jeremy Gilbert in the Salvatore Boarding House.

For the majority of the first few years, Damon was the town's main
antagonist but he cooperates with Stefan to protect Elena,
her family, and frequently her friends. Damon has been helping Elena
with her new found vampirism.

He is also best friends with Alaric Saltzman and Bonnie Bennett.
Damon is a member of the Salvatore Family and a member of the Town

Damon in his early-30s, has light blue eyes and dark brown hair that hangs
just over his ears, and is styled in a casual disarray. He is
light complected with olive undertones, and a good toned physique.

Damon usually wears darker clothing: black boots under dark jeans,
a black shirt, whether just a t-shirt or button up depends on the
occasion, and he is rarely seen without his leather jacket.

Damon also has tremendous cheek bones. He is relatively athletic,
tall, strong, sexy, seductive and a good dancer.

Elena Gilbert is Damon's new girlfriend and his best friend.
As time progressed, he fell in love with Elena.

Damon is a 170 year old immortal who is described as seductive,
handsome, hot, impulsive and charming.

Elena first met Damon when he was in Mystic Falls looking for his
object of obsession for over a century, Katherine Pierce. He then
talked to Elena but afterwards, compelled her to forget their meeting.

Elena then met Damon again at the Salvatore Boarding House
when she went to look for Stefan.

Damon and Elena's friendship deepens with time and the two become closer,
with Damon haven fallen for Elena and Elena developing feelings
for Damon. Damon has repeatedly admitted that he is in love with Elena,
however, Elena has admitted that she loves him too.

Damon once told Elena that he loved her, but that he didn't deserve her,
but Stefan does. He then compelled her to forget his confession
afterwards. Elena and Damon are closer than ever, and the sexual
tension between them has even increased as Elena's emotions
were heightened.

Stefan ends his relationship with Elena because of her no longer
fighting the feelings she has for Damon. Elena admitted to Damon
that he was the reason of her breakup with Stefan and with Jeremy

trying to kill her, Elena had to move in with Damon. Stefan moves out
when she moves in because of the relationship between her and Damon.

Damon and Elena also had sex for the first time and became
a real couple the night she moves in with him.

Despite being sired to him, her feelings for him are real and
she loves him either way. She will not be giving up on him.

He may be selfish with his feelings but he doesn’t regret it
– when push comes to shove, he’ll always put her first and it’s
for that same reason that he’s always saving her when she needs him.

Damon brings out a side of Elena that none of her past loves
have been able to and challenges her in a way that no one else can.

He hasn't taken advantage of Elena when he's had the opportunity.

He's usually played fair with her, and he's always saying that
she's the one woman he has to do the right thing by.

When Damon and Elena are in the same room together, the sexual
tension between them crackles and pops like a sparkler.

And even when they aren’t saying anything, the pair can carry
on entire conversations through eye contact and body language.

Damon loves her unconditionally without expecting anything in return
because that's who he is. He loves her either way, human
or vampire.

The relationship between the cured vampire/human doppelgänger, Elena Gilbert
and the cured vampire/human, Damon Salvatore, is a complicated, but a popular
and powerful romantic pairing, and a significant relationship in the series.

Though initially started on antagonistic terms, their relationship
develops throughout the series. He was the narcissistic evil
vampire, who came to town to seek revenge on his younger brother,
who Elena happened to develop an interest in. When everyone had
written Damon off as a bad guy who couldn't be redeemed, Elena,
who was unafraid of him and willing to call him on his crap, saw
something in him that hinted he wasn't entirely evil.

And so there marked the start of a tentative friendship. Over
the seasons, their bond continues to grow, from becoming allies to
friends, to best friends and, ultimately, lovers. He’s always saving
her from danger and she’s saving him from his dark self, they both
care deeply for each other, regardless of any obstacles that
may come in their way.

They both love each other with a passion that consumes them.
For him, she is the best thing that has ever happened to him
in his life. For her, he is the one that defines her and believes
him to be her soulmate.

They are known as "Delena" by fans.

Damon Salvatore is one of the two main male protagonists of The
Vampire Diaries. Damon was a 178-year-old vampire and distant descendant
of Silas. He is now human, since his brother Stefan Salvatore injected
him with the cure which was in his blood. He was a major antagonist in
the first part of Season One. He is the older brother of the late
Stefan Salvatore, the husband of Elena Gilbert and the brother-in-law
of Caroline Forbes and Jeremy Gilbert.

He was born during the 1800s and lived in the colonial town of
Mystic Falls with his brother Stefan, his father, Giuseppe Salvatore,
and also with his mother Lillian Salvatore until her death in 1858.
He became a vampire in 1864. At the time of his return to Mystic
Falls, Damon and Stefan hadn't seen each other in
fifteen years due to their bitter and violent relationship.

In the 1950's, Damon was captured and tortured by the Augustine society,
led by the Whitmore family, who experimented on vampires for a "bigger
purpose". During his five years of captivity, he meets another prisoner,
Enzo, with whom he became best friends with. Eventually, the plan
the two made failed at a critical moment and thinking Enzo "died"
because of him, Damon turned off his humanity to suppress the guilt
and sadness. He sought revenge, an act of hunting down every member
over generations which he finally ends with Aaron Whitmore's death.

Damon's sole purpose in coming back to Mystic Falls was to free his
sire Katherine Pierce from a tomb she was never in. Damon deeply loved
her after 145 years. After realizing that Katherine never loved him, his
love for her fades as his friendship and love for Elena, Katherine's
descendant and doppelgänger, grows. Due to her impact on him and
the strengthening relationship with his brother, they begin working
together to protect Elena, along with her friends and family.

He lives with his brother Stefan, girlfriend Elena (when she wasn't away
at college), and her brother Jeremy Gilbert (after Elena burned their house
down) in the Salvatore Boarding House. In Season Three, Damon filled the
role as a deuteragonist in the first half of the season due to Stefan
falling prey to Klaus.

Throughout the series, his bond with Elena continuously grows and
they eventually fall in love with each other. Shortly after her death
and subsequent transition into a vampire, Elena's feelings for Damon are
heightened which makes her admit her love for him and they start a
romantic relationship in Season Four.

The relationship is complicated when they realize that, due to the fact
that it was Damon's blood that turned Elena, she is sire-bonded to him,
so nobody is sure whether Elena's feelings for Damon are real or
because of the sire bond, but most of the people they know insist
that, once the sire bond is broken, Elena will return to Stefan.
When Jeremy dies, Elena turns off her emotions; after she turns them
back on, the sire bond is broken and Elena reveals that her feeling for
Damon were real and she's still in love with him.

In Season Five, he discovers Enzo's undead status and they become friends
once again however once "Elena" breaks up with him, he puts an end to his
diabolical plan against the Whitmore Family and is then injected with a
dangerous compound by Wes Maxfield, causing him to become an Augustine
Vampire and the only one in existence.

This injection would cause him to crave vampire blood and he would not
be able to stop feeding until he had killed. He was later cured, thanks to
Enzo, Stefan, and Caroline's actions. Due to the Other Side collapsing,
Damon gave up his life to save his loved ones and this particularly caused
Elena, Stefan, and Alaric much grief.

Notre amour est unique, car toi et moi c'est magique, our love is unique
because it's magic you and me, et dans ton univers plane un parfum érotique,
flat universe and in your perfume erotic je me perds dans tes yeux,
je veux me perdre avec ton âme, I lose myself in your eyes I want to
get lost with your soul vas y met moi le feu et n'éteints jamais les
flammes I'll put it on fire and the flames never extinguish. Tu es ma
lumière et dans mon coeur il n'y à que toi, you are my light and my heart
there's only you, et le feu de ton coeur me réchauffe quand j'ai
froid,shown what true love, maintenant laisses moi te le dire et le montrer
à mon tour now let me tell you and show my turn ...

It is the morning after the ball. The Salvatore Boarding
House is so quiet you could hear a pin drop. A near empty
bottle of Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey is on the end
table next to the king sized bed.

A beautiful sexy blonde woman brings another bottle of
Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey to the chambre à coucher.

The sound of a body stretching against satin white sheets
is heard. Blue eyes open as they focus on a face above
them. A cocky smile graces the lips of the owner of said
blue eyes as they meet a pair of hazel green eyes looking
for something in the eyes of the owner.

The face belongs to that of an Original Rebekah Mikaelson.
She is beautiful; her right hand reaches out and brushes
a lock of raven black hair off the forehead of the owner
of the blue eyes Damon Salvatore.

Her own eyes searching his for some sign, that perhaps
she might mean something to him. Her face neutral as she
continues to search his eyes for a reaction,

any sign that last night was not just about sex. Her own
dead heart betrays her as for one instant her eyes soften
as she looks down at him. He looks into those eyes looking
for something.

Some sign that she is really here and want something
more from him then just a night of love making. He tells
himself that he shouldn't care, that last night was what it was.

Something he needed to help him move on from the one
he can't have; the one he can never have. Sadness fills
him. An ache that is ever present in his dead heart.

He tentatively reaches a hand up and caresses a face,
a face of an Original. He holds his palm to her face
and sees something in her eyes, it is fleeting but it is

Her eyes softened for the barest of moments as she stared
into his searching for maybe the same thing he is seeking
when he looks into her eyes.

His own eyes soften for the barest fraction of a second.
Then the mask is back in place and both sets of eyes
reflect a neutrality, neither one giving the other an inch.

Neither one willing to acknowledge maybe, just maybe
something is there between them.

“ Life sucks when you're ordinary. And what makes you exactly
not like them? You're a vampire. You take that cure and become
human, you're no one, nothing. Trust me, losing this cure was
the best damn thing that ever happened to you.” — Damon to
Rebekah in Bring It On

The relationship between Damon Salvatore and the sexy
Original Vampire Rebekah Mikaelson is complex as they
had two night stands with each other and Rebekah was
romantically involved with Stefan in the 1920's. They
met each other in Season Three. These two were never
close, but they frequently allied with each other to
achieve a common goal. Their biggest alliance was to find the cure.

However, this alliance fell through when Rebekah wanted
the cure for herself. They are referred to by fans as "Debekah."

In Smells Like Teen Spirit, Damon gets introduced to Rebekah
as Klaus has left her behind, after finding out That Damon
has found Mikael. Elena asked Damon to keep an eye on
Rebekah so that she can get Stefan to turn on his humanity
again. Rebekah coyly tells Damon she knows he’s trying
to distract her - then, after telling him no fight between
the two of them could ever be fair, she stabs him right in the gut.

In Dangerous Liaisons, Rebekah went to Matt to apologize
for what happened to him but Matt told her to leave him alone.
Damon arrived to find Rebekah standing at the bar so Damon
poured them both a drink.

Damon tells her that she needs someone that is more durable,
and Rebekah asks him who that would be. Damon and Rebekah
are next seen in his bedroom, kissing and ripping off each
other's clothes madly. Damon and Rebekah then have sex.

In All My Children, Elena visits Damon to apologize for what
she said to him, but Damon claims that he is over it. Elena
stands there shocked when she sees Rebekah standing next to
Damon. Rebekah then walks past Elena with a smile
on her face.

In 1912, Damon arrives at the mystic grill and sees Rebekah
talking to Carol. After Carol tells Rebekah that the Salvatores
owned the mills back in the day, she went over to Damon and
Stefan to talk about it. Later when Rebekah catches Damon's
dart, she tells Damon that Sage knew Finn 900 years ago.

When Stefan leaves the bar, Damon and Rebekah force him to
feed on a girl in the street as a test to see how much blood
he can handle at a time. Stefan drinks, and just about drinks
her dry like he did in 1912 but Damon stops him. Damon tells
Rebekah to leave.

In the episode Break On Through, Sage convinces Damon to
get close to Rebekah to find out why she is asking about the
trees. Damon seduces Rebekah and the two end up kissing
and having sex again. While Rebekah is sleeping, Sage comes
into Damon's bedroom and goes into her mind, only to find
out that there is another white oak tree.

Damon looked at the old 1912 log book and finds that they
used the white oak tree to build the wickery bridge. Sage
tells Rebekah about the bridge and she is seen burning the
parts used on the bridge.

Damon asked Sage why she betrayed him, and she replied
that he didn't tell her that Finn and the other Originals
were bound together. However, Damon finds a sign which was
made of the white oak tree's wood and they can now kill
the Originals.

In The Murder of One, Rebekah tortures Damon after feeling
betrayed because he pretended to like her and used her to
get information on the White Oak Tree.

Later, after Stefan tries to bargain the remaining White
Oak Stakes for Damon's freedom, Rebekah lets Damon go
even though they don't have all the stakes as a sign
of faith. When Klaus comments on this Rebekah responds
that she respects the Salvatore's because they are willing
to fight for each other and die for each other, which
is more than she can say for Klaus.

In The Departed, when Rebekah comes to see Damon at the
storage warehouse, Damon hides Rebekah and tells her
to be quiet. The two then try to get Klaus' body out
of the storage warehouse before Alaric finds them. Alaric
shows up however, and stakes Klaus, with an emotional
Rebekah watching.

Just as he is ready to kill Rebekah, Damon yells at Rebekah to
run, showing that he does in fact care about her.

Depuis, que tu es entré dans ma vie, since you came into my life
tu me fais découvrir la vie en rose, you make me see life
in pink et à fait renaître mes rêves et mes envies and revived
my dreams and desires mon coeur devant toi, est en pause
my heart to you, is paused. Tu m'es plus précieux que
l'or, you are more precious than gold je te veux pour
l'éternité I want you for eternity je t'aime, je t'adore,
I adore you, et me comble de ta gentillesse et ta beauté
and shower me with your kindness and beauty ...

It all started when our eyes met, tu a renversé mon coeur, tu l'a
fait chaviré you spilled my heart, you did it capsized.
Un vent d'amour m'a fait perdre la tête a wind of love made me
lose my head notre histoire est née pour ne pas qu'elle s'arrête
our story is not born to it stops notre amour grandit de jour
en jour our love grows every day je te laisse entrer et ferme
mon coeur à double tour. I let you enter and close my heart
and double-locked ...

Nos chemins se sont croisés our paths crossed nos yeux se sont
accrochés our eyes clung ton sourire est devenu mon soleil your
smile became my sunshine ta tendresse une grande merveille.
Your love a great wonder je t'offre dans mes mains I offer
in my hands mille baisers câlins thousand kisses hugs pour
que jamais tu n'en sois privé to do that you never be deprived ....

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