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03/02/2021 04:13:31

Que tal te encuentras hoy?   Espero que pases un fantastico martes!   Te mando muchos besos.

03/02/2021 04:03:17

Hello dear friend!!
I wish you have an excellent Tuesday!!
Enjoy and be happy forever!!

03/02/2021 03:22:38

..Wishing you a nice day,
my dear friend..

03/02/2021 01:52:51




03/01/2021 23:31:25


03/01/2021 22:11:02

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03/01/2021 21:53:25

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03/01/2021 19:52:17

EVENING.,  crazy weather we are having was in the 40"s today. but tonight into tomorrow will be sub zero minus  .,then  wait  Wesnesday will be in the 50's,,,, hope you had a better day.,  has 1 slice of pizza for dinner.   hope your having a better day.  and a wonderful night.

03/01/2021 19:43:42

night~sweet dreams Tash 

03/01/2021 19:22:45


03/01/2021 17:59:07

Have a great first week of March




03/01/2021 17:57:09

Just curious...what's the black stump? LoL I really don't know... I'm glad we don't find each other boring. That's a feel good moment.

nahatsu wrote:

Tuesday morning on this side of the Black Stump! Hello there...... Boring??? YOU.... N-E-V-E-R!  haha!  I adore reading your messages, always so entertaining for sure. News is news - I am bereft really - nothing to say except responding to other folks and THEIR news.... haha! That's silly though ..... I do have news.... it's just stuff that is going on in MY part of the world as such - maybe it all seems boring to me, and not to others?!   ANYWAY......I enjoyed hearing about your kitten ..... kind of sweet and I love that she makes you laugh (I hope she enjoyed her bit of chicken the other night?!). What a great idea about the global radio station you found online .... how fun to hear the Scottish commentary too... I'd love that I might check it out!  Well it's March so here's to sunshine, blue skies and all the nice things about the change of season... I hope you have a sun-drenched new week.  Bundles of hugs, tons of love... from me xo

03/01/2021 16:30:06

Monday afternoon. So happy March is here and Spring will find us soon ! Kinda cool and dreary here all day with a chance for rain. Still it's been pleasant in the house and my chores are getting done. Mail delivery which was horrible during the holidays and the artic freeze seems to be slowly returning to normal. During the worst of it we weren't seeing mail until 8 o'clock at night in total darkness. Bad weather, none at all. Didn't like that much at all. I really felt sorry for the delivery people. So stressed out. I found a global radio station online where you can listen to radio stations almost anywhere in the world. Today I was listening to a station in Glascow Scotland that I found entertaining. Enjoying some oldies and some celtic selections and listening to the dj's commentary. Just hearing the dialect was amusing. I was just getting in the mood for St. Patrick's day ! LOL  I'm baking chicken for an early supper and the kitten, who is especially fond of chicken, is right at my heels in anticipation. It's so obvious what she wants. Her little nose is working overtime and she makes me laugh. I know my life is simple and uninteresting right now. Still searching for things to occupy my time. I wonder I'm not boring everyone to tears. Hope You're enjoying the first day of what turns out to be a happy month. ~ Marcia

03/01/2021 16:21:55

been a very relaxing rainy day. I took my ivy's out side to get a good
quinch of rain. Settled in cooking a roast and wondering if you would
join me now for evening coffee:) Enjoy the rest of your Monday:) Xo'S

03/01/2021 15:20:54

Have a safe and happy week, Natasha.  Hugs

03/01/2021 15:09:16


03/01/2021 14:36:33

Hello dear friend!!
I wish you have an excellent afternoon//evening!!
I wish you a great day in your life!!
Enjoy and be happy forever!!

03/01/2021 14:05:55
✽Dear Boomer Friend (♥ˆ◡ˆ)☆
✽I Wish You And Your Family..☆
✽A Beautiful DAY..☆
☀Love ♥ From My Heart

03/01/2021 13:49:33

03/01/2021 13:06:50

Hello Sweetness!

Good Morning! Hope your weekend was amazing!Have an Great start to your new week!Thank you for all the beautiful Love left on my page!Stay safe my sweet friend! hugs and kissess fromme to you!

03/01/2021 13:01:24

“Learn the rules like a pro, 

so you can break them like an artist.”

~ Pablo Picasso ~

03/01/2021 12:42:30

Bonsoir mon ami(e)

✿ڰۣ✿ڰۣ✿ ♥♫ ♥

.* Petit passage ♥♫ ♥.

.* En douceur ♥♫ ♥

.* Pour te souhaiter ♥♫ ♥

.* Du fond du cœur ♥♫ ♥

.* Une agréable soirée ♥♫ ♥ ♥♫ ♥

.* Bisous t♫ ♥

✿ڰۣ✿ڰۣ✿ ♥♫ ♥ Juljana ♥ 

03/01/2021 12:23:06

Good Morning Natasha, Well, March is here, the sun is out, and the temperatures are great. I so hope Spring is on the way. Have a nice start to the new week my friend. Coffee is on. :) Much love. xoxo

03/01/2021 10:48:36


03/01/2021 10:30:33

Enjoy your day....

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