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11/28/16 Hershey's chocolate kisses were named for the sounds the machines made during production. What year were they first introduced to the public?
11/28/16 What year was the modelling compound PLAY-DOH released?
11/28/16 What year was the SLINKY introduced to the World?
11/28/16 Believe in or not but the FRISBEE started with a FRISBEE pie pan in the early 1800s. When was the TOY actually introduced?
11/23/16 TOOTHPASTE,..actually it should be TEETHpaste!

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03/30/2017 17:35:29

03/30/2017 17:25:25

Have a lovely evening. Hugs, Kim

03/30/2017 16:32:31

See you tomorrow my sweetie pie  

03/30/2017 16:31:19


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  • This
    is my little drum with Great Power.  I am very connected to the Earth
    and Sky spiritually.  My feet are deep in the Mother Earth soaking in a
    cave's pristine clay waters.  My head is in the Stars, everywhere.  I
    drum for the family of humanity.  I drum for the forests, flowers and
    herbs.  I drum for the balance of the Earth and Sky so that we may have
    the Greatest Power of Healing be seen before our Earth bound eyes.  I
    drum for admiration to replace prejudice; with celebration in all our
    architypical sameness.  I drum for all creatures to compliment each
    other and to turn away from striving to choke out other species; whether
    it be plants, animals or higher spiritual creatures unknown to us yet. 
    I drum for gentle rains in good measures.  I drum for feast over
    famine.  I drum for peace on my Mother Earth to make all of us one in
    understanding that Nature is our greatest teacher when we are quiet
    enough to hear them speak to us in all their forms.  I drum for the
    great power of invisible protection at my fingertips.  I drum for you to
    be surrounded by beauty, centered in love and filled with joy.  I drum
    for all your sorrows and fears to turn into determination and
    fearlessness to guide us in our spirit work.  With my feet deep in the
    Mother Earth and my head in and beyond the Stars, i dance, drum and sing
    for all the Guardians of beauty, love and joy for Heaven and Earth as
    one.  I drum for our children and their children and their children's
    children.  We are many and come from different paths on the Wheel of
    Life.  I drum for balance and equanimity for peace and prosperity for
    all those with good intent.  We dance, sing and we drum for the ushering
    in of a new age.  I drum for all your sorrows and fears to be
    transformed into Great Guides of Determination, Intelligent Decision and
    Total Fearlessness in Life and Death.  I drum for the Indigo and the
    Crystal children, most of all.   I drum for the Rainbow bridges for all
    collective Animal Sprits to meet again in Sprit, forever together in
    beauty, love and joy.  I drum for power over all that which has intent
    to harm to turn their intent and find their place to do good.  I drum
    for wellness and strength in all things of beauty, love and joy.  i
    dance, i sing, i drum forever.  For i am my Native Chicasaw, and all
    Native souls, with speical attention now to Lakota Brothers and Sisters,
    Ancestral and Future Guardian Spirits. ~Chiholloli

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interrupting with gentleness of the ages ~enjoy

  • Wani
    wachiyelo Ate omakiyayo (Father help me I want to live) ~Wani wachiyelo
    Ate omakiyayo (Father help me I want to live) ~Wani wachiyelo Ate
    omakiyayo (Father help me I want to live) ~Atay nimichikun (Father you
    have done this) ~Oshiya chichiyelo (Humbly have pity on me) ~Wani
    wachiyelo Atay omakiyayo (Father help me I want to live) ~Wani wachiyelo
    Atay omakiyayo (Father help me I want to live) ~Wani wachiyelo Atay
    (Father I want to live)

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Image result for chickasaw art and quotes

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Image result for chickasaw art and quotes

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 photo 1fd2e86e_zps8c31185d.jpg

 photo 94f1f932_zps33f7b75d.jpg

 photo DOLLAIANI_zps9fce90fc.gif~OxXo

 photo HEALINGCRYSTALWOMAN_zps913978d6.jpg

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just so you know me better!

03/30/2017 16:13:38

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03/30/2017 15:54:32


03/30/2017 15:36:25

Sweet Dreams,sweet friend .Kisses ~ Adel

03/30/2017 15:01:27


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One #summer day, she splashed about & giggled, and everyone around her had…:


Life's Simple Pleasures by Phelo | Goa, India:


03/30/2017 14:57:59


How's your week going?  I'm getting better, almost ready to go outside of the house again.  


I was very sulky when I had the flu, but the flu didn't seem to notice my displeasure or care. lol  Everyone else just kept suggesting in kind tones that maybe I should go and have a nap. lol











I've been watching TV shows I never ever watch when I'm not sick, like 'Wife Swap.'  lol


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03/30/2017 14:48:08



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