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Dont worry bout the mule goin blind, just hold the lines and load the wagon!

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70 years old
Aiken, Texas
United States
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Favorite movie of all time "It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World." I like good comedies and westerns, John Wayne

I like to listen to real country, western swing, and old 50's and 60's rock before the hippies took it over,,, like to play and sing southern gospel, and old country stuff.

Don't read,,,, well I can read, just don't wanna. If you read, check my blog out. I will try to keep something interesting on it. I do study the Bible though, but its not really a book, its the instruction manual for life.

Anything outdoors, fishing, pickin and grinnin, sports, humor,

Just to get through today.. That's plenty.

First, I am a Christian. I don't push my beliefs on others but believe Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. And I guess if anyone needs the grace and mercy of Jesus, it's me. I am conservative and support the Constitution and Bill of Rights. I am tall, bald and average build. I am married. My wife of thirteen years had a pulmonary embolism which resulted in a massive stroke in '04 at the age of 52. She spent seven months in the hospital and thirteen months in outpatient rehab and will always remain very disabled. I hurt my back in 2012 and had major surgery. I had to put her in a nursing home then. I go up there every day for about four hours. I live next door to my brother and take care of him too. He has congestive heart faillure. My hobbies are fishing and playing the guitar. I live on a lake and fish when I can. I play the guitar and bass guitar. I play the bass for Church and at the nursing home. I love the outdoors, sports, music, and good humor. (send me some funnies) Got four grand kids, and they are just wonderful, what can I say, just about perfect...only too far away. I live my life one day at a time. I'll worry about tomorrow, next week. Keeps me from going crazy. Crazier??? lol My motto is "Don't judge others, that's God's job. Live by faith and love with all your heart" That's about it.

TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF - The Survey Name: Loadedwagon Birthday: Saturday Birthplace: Loco, Texas Current Location: Aiken, Texas Eye Color: sorta bluegreen Hair Color: bald lol Height: 6'3" Right Handed or Left Handed: left Your Heritage: Texan The Shoes You Wore Today: tennies Your Weakness: guitars Your Fears: being stuck here for the rest of my life Your Perfect Pizza: surpreme with peppers Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year: just get thru it Your Most Overused Phrase On an instant messenger: lol Thoughts First Waking Up: what needs doing today Your Best Physical Feature: eyes Your Bedtime: midnight Your Most Missed Memory: Christmas when I was young Pepsi or Coke: diet coke MacDonalds or Burger King: whataburger Single or Group Dates: single Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: lipton Chocolate or Vanilla: chocolate Cappuccino or Coffee: coffee Do you Smoke: nope Do you Swear: only when i need to Do you Sing: yes Do you Shower Daily: yes Have you Been in Love: yes Do you want to go to College: about a hundred years ago Do you want to get Married: am Do you belive in yourself: yes Do you get Motion Sickness: no Do you think you are Attractive: no Are you a Health Freak: no way Do you get along with your Parents: i guess, they been gone a long time Do you like Thunderstorms: nope Do you play an Instrument: yes, guitar and bass In the past month have you Drank Alcohol: yes In the past month have you Smoked: no In the past month have you been on Drugs: no In the past month have you gone on a Date: no In the past month have you gone to a Mall: no In the past month have you eaten a box of Oreos: no In the past month have you eaten Sushi: no In the past month have you been on Stage: no In the past month have you been Dumped: no In the past month have you gone Skinny Dipping: no In the past month have you Stolen Anything: no Ever been Drunk: when I was young and foolish Ever been called a Tease: no Ever been Beaten up: yeah Ever Shoplifted: no How do you want to Die: not going to, Jesus is coming soon What do you want to be when you Grow Up: i am What country would you most like to Visit: tahiti In a Boy/Girl.. Favourite Eye Color: any Favourite Hair Color: any Short or Long Hair: depends Height: not important Weight: not fat Best Clothing Style: not formal Number of Drugs I have taken: zero Number of CDs I own: several Number of Piercings: zero Number of Tattoos: none Number of things in my Past I Regret: probably at least thousands

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07/14/2018 00:50:38


I'm scared. The afternoon is gray and sadness
from heaven it opens like a mouth of the dead.

My heart has a cry for a princess
forgotten at the bottom of a desert palace.

I'm scared - and I feel so tired and small
I reflow the afternoon without meditating on it.
(In my sick head there

is no dream to fit
just as in the sky there has not been a star.)

However in my eyes a question exists
and there is a scream in my mouth that my mouth does not scream.

There is no ear on earth that hears my sad complaint
abandoned in the middle of the infinite earth!

The universe dies of a calm agony
without the party of the Sun or the green twilight.

Agonizes Saturn as a grief of mine,
the Earth is a black fruit that the sky bites.

And by the vastness of emptiness they go blind
the afternoon clouds, like lost boats
to hide broken stars in their cellars.

And the death of the world falls on my life.


Tengo miedo. La tarde es gris y la tristeza
del cielo se abre como una boca de muerto.

Tiene mi corazón un llanto de princesa
olvidada en el fondo de un palacio desierto.

Tengo miedo -Y me siento tan cansado y pequeño
que reflojo la tarde sin meditar en ella.
(En mi cabeza enferma no ha de caber un sueño
así como en el cielo no ha cabido una estrella.)

Sin embargo en mis ojos una pregunta existe
y hay un grito en mi boca que mi boca no grita.

¡No hay oído en la tierra que oiga mi queja triste
abandonada en medio de la tierra infinita!

Se muere el universo de una calma agonía
sin la fiesta del Sol o el crepúsculo verde.

Agoniza Saturno como una pena mía,
la Tierra es una fruta negra que el cielo muerde.

Y por la vastedad del vacío van ciegas
las nubes de la tarde, como barcas perdidas
que escondieran estrellas rotas en sus bodegas.

Y la muerte del mundo cae sobre mi vidA


07/07/2018 23:02:50


Dear Brother,

friend and stranger!
it does not matter where you are, or how ...

I am offered to you
for what your silences ask for!

If we close our eyes
and we calm down,
everything good that flows
in what is ...
can gether in us
serene stillness and joyful shelter.

It is because of that
if we are helpless,
destroyed ...
sailing in that sea of ​​affections
and of subtle kindness ...

we can heal the soul,
calm agitation
and reorder us
to fight again.


Hermano, amigo y desconocido!
no importa dónde estés, o cómo…

Estoy ofrecido a vos
para lo que tus silencios pidan!

Si cerramos los ojos
y nos calmamos,
todo lo bueno que fluye
en lo que es…

puede gestar en nosotros
serena quietud y alegría cobijante.

Es por ello que
si estamos desvalidos,

navegando en ese mar de afectos
y de bondades sutiles…
podemos curar el alma,
sosegar la agitación
y reordenarnos
para luchar de nuevo.

06/29/2018 21:05:09


Silence Is Golden

They say silence is Golden,
I believe it is true,
Because in that Golden silence,
my thoughts occur of you.

You are the flame in my candle
that lights the darkness of my room,
You are the scented flowers
that makes my heart full bloom.

You are the butterflies
that flicker in my stomach all day long,
When I know I will be holding you
before my day is done.

You are the stars that shimmer and shine,
You light up the skies above
In this Golden silence
it's truly you I love.

You are the thunder of the night,
your lightning strikes whenever,
Into my soul that makes me whole,
and excites my heart forever.

You are my paradise, my oceans wide,
My mountains standing tall,
So in this Golden Silence
I love you most of all.

El silencio es oro

Dicen que el silencio es oro,
Yo creo que es verdad,

Porque en ese silencio dorado,
mis pensamientos ocurren de ti.

Tú eres la llama en mi vela
eso ilumina la oscuridad de mi habitación,
Eres las flores perfumadas
eso hace que mi corazón florezca completamente.

Tú eres las mariposas
eso parpadea en mi estómago todo el día,
Cuando sé que te retendré
antes de que termine mi día

Ustedes son las estrellas que brillan y brillan,
Iluminas los cielos arriba
En este silencio dorado
es realmente tu a quien amo

Eres el trueno de la noche,
tus rayos caen cada vez,
En mi alma que me hace completo,
y excita mi corazón para siempre

Eres mi paraíso, mis océanos de par en par,
Mis montañas de pie,
Entonces en este Golden Silence
Te amo más que nada

06/25/2018 03:41:20

06/22/2018 19:58:04


Believe In Yourself

Believe in yourself and you can achieve
Things you never thought possible.
Believe in yourself and you can discover
New talents hidden inside of you.
Believe in yourself and you can reach
New heights that you thought immeasurable.
Believe in yourself and you can elucidate
The problem that defies every solution.

Believe in yourself and you can tackle
The hardest of all situations.

Believe in yourself and you can make
The complicated things seem simple.
Believe in yourself and you can enjoy
The beauty of nature's creation.

Believe in yourself and you can learn
Skills of gaining knowledge from experience.

Believe in yourself and you can discern
New depths in your life.
Believe in yourself and you can perform
Way beyond your expectations.

Believe in your aim and work towards it,
With elation, determination and dedication.

Believe in yourself and you'll feel blessed,
As you are God's special creation.


Cree en ti mismo

Cree en ti mismo y puedes lograr
Cosas que nunca creíste posibles
Cree en ti mismo y puedes descubrir
Nuevos talentos escondidos dentro de ti.

Cree en ti mismo y puedes alcanzar
Nuevas alturas que pensaste inconmensurable.
Cree en ti mismo y puedes dilucidar
El problema que desafía todas las soluciones.

Cree en ti mismo y puedes abordar
La más difícil de todas las situaciones.
Cree en ti mismo y puedes hacer
Las cosas complicadas parecen simples.

Cree en ti mismo y puedes disfrutar
La belleza de la creación de la naturaleza.
Cree en ti mismo y puedes aprender
Habilidades para obtener conocimiento de la experiencia.

Cree en ti mismo y puedes discernir
Nuevas profundidades en tu vida.
Cree en ti mismo y puedes realizar
Mucho más allá de tus expectativas

Cree en tu objetivo y trabaja para lograrlo,
Con júbilo, determinación y dedicación.
Cree en ti mismo y te sentirás bendecido,
Como eres la creación especial de Dios.

06/18/2018 01:20:47

06/15/2018 00:40:23

What Is A Dad? 

A Dad is patient, helpful, and strong
He is there by your side when things go wrong
He's someone who guides you to do the right thing
And helps you solve problems that life sometimes brings
A Dad is someone who is loving and kind
And usually knows what's going on in your mind
He is someone who listens and makes time to talk
When things are bad he doesn't turn around and walk
He is a strong shoulder when times are tough
And still loves you dearly when he's had enough
He helps you and guides you all that he can,
Wanting nothing more than to make you a man
A Dad's there when you're happy and even more when you're sad
Giving unconditional love whether you're good or you're bad
A Dad is someone that you can also call a friend
Who is there no matter what and will be till the end
They say that blood is thicker than water
But I know this isn't true
Because my son couldn't ask for a better Dad
Than one he has found in you
I think of all the years gone by and wonder
How different things would've been
If his real father put forth the love
That you have shown to him
Happy "Father's" Day, Tommy
Thank you for showing my son what a real father is
And for loving him as much as you do. You will always
Have a special place in my heart 


¿Qué es un papá?

Un papá es paciente, servicial y fuerte
Él está a tu lado cuando las cosas van mal
Él es alguien que te guía para hacer lo correcto
Y te ayuda a resolver problemas que la vida a veces trae

Un papá es alguien que es cariñoso y amable
Y generalmente sabe lo que está pasando en tu mente
Él es alguien que escucha y hace tiempo para hablar
Cuando las cosas están mal, él no se da vuelta y camina

Él es un hombro fuerte cuando los tiempos son difíciles
Y todavía te ama muchísimo cuando ha tenido suficiente
Él te ayuda y te guía todo lo que puede,
Querer nada más que hacerte hombre

Un papá está allí cuando eres feliz y aún más cuando estás triste
Dando amor incondicional ya seas bueno o eres malo
Un papá es alguien a quien también puedes llamar amigo
Quién está allí, no importa qué será y será hasta el final

Dicen que la sangre es más espesa que el agua
Pero sé que esto no es verdad
Porque mi hijo no podría pedir un mejor papá
Que uno que ha encontrado en ti

Pienso en todos los años pasados ​​y me pregunto
Cuan diferentes cosas hubieran sido
Si su verdadero padre expuso el amor
Que le has mostrado

Feliz día del "padre", Tommy
Gracias por mostrarle a mi hijo lo que es un verdadero padre
Y por amarlo tanto como a ti. Tú siempre
Tener un lugar especial en mi corazón

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