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Well Hear I Am I Guess

mem_normal2 ONLINE
58 years old
Salem, Oregon
United States
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I love all kinds of movies. Especially Old School Steve McQueen, John Wayne, Charles Bronson and others. I am a 25 year Navy Vet so I like Naval movies for the most part. Unless they are the more unrealistic ones that have been made over that last 20 years or so. Noticed that there isn't a place to television shows. So I will say. Mystery Science Theater 3000, WKRP in Cincinnati, a lot of Westerns etc..

Classic country for the most part. Especially Outlaw County. Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Tanya Tucker, George Strait, Alan Jackson. etc... The stuff today is NOT COUNTRY. That is all I will say about that. Also Classic Rock, Blues, Motown and Bluegrass.

History, Louis L'Amour novels, Stephen King, all kinds of stuff.

Like I said earlier I am a 25 year Navy Veteran but I've also been retired from that canoe club for over 14 years now. While in the Navy I have lived in Japan twice, Spain and Italy. Been to a whole bunch of countries besides the 3 that I lived in of course. Favorite was Perth/Freemantle Western Australia. Now I live in Oregon where I was raised as a young lad.

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11/13/2019 19:47:43

hello my friend., hope you had a great day.

mine was cold only reach 25 degrees today, did a few errands bank, walgreens store  watch a few hours  of impeachment of #45 have a good night my friend see you tomorrow, have someone coming to polish my cabinets to many for me  35 doors  9 drawers. tomorrow.

11/13/2019 17:32:35

11/13/2019 16:45:17

11/13/2019 16:40:33

Goodnight friend....have  nice warm dream's :)

11/13/2019 16:21:54

Image result for burrr it's cold outside images

Image result for no I don't want to build a freakin snowman images

Image result for no I don't want to build a freakin snowman images

Stay warm tonight

11/13/2019 15:43:09

Who wants marshmellows in their cocoa?

11/13/2019 13:36:27

"A best friend it like a four leaf clover - 

Hard to find, and lucky to have."

~ Unknown ~

11/13/2019 12:25:21

Sunny day here but freezing cold & ground is white. Have a great day.  ~Hugs,Di

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