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69 years old
DFW, Texas
United States
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And if you want to reminisce about another man to someone you want to meet? Strike One.

04/17/19 Disturbing I know. But what if you're remaining last over 80 parent can't tolerate any dissenting opinions, then threatening you?
04/12/19 So some still have landlines. Which you trust more? Landline or smartphone?
01/15/19 Almost too many smartphone apps to handle?
05/05/18 Jumping the gun? I'll wait but my post, let's be lenient time of posting
05/05/18 A just new study, only 7% are cheating their spouses

When I get where I'm going, if we cross paths, give me a shout out, cause I'm not sure where 'there' is. lol Preacher's son. Prodigal Son. My own path. Love music. Church was all about music and singing. I branched off from that. Sense of humor. Every preacher's son has to have that to survive. It's not hard til you reach the age of dating. You guess what that is for me. Got around it. Aside of that, married 'late', never to 'chancey' before that, despite parents had no faith in me in that. Let's call a spade a spade. Music is my 2nd love. A woman goes first.

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05/20/2019 05:29:18

Image result for good week comment

05/20/2019 05:26:36

Hello dear friend!!
I wish you have an excellent Monday!!
I wish you a great day in your life!!
Enjoy and be happy forever!!

05/20/2019 05:24:41

They say time flies and wow is that ever true! This weekend sure went by in a flash. Have a wonderful week ahead my friend...

05/20/2019 05:22:59

05/20/2019 03:12:33




05/20/2019 01:48:27
From: blankcanvasmd
05/20/2019 01:39:04

Good morning. Hope you enjoyed your week-end past. I am content with the events in mine. We quietly celebrated 2 family birthdays and Armed Forces Day. Nice time. This week will bring folks into town from all over for the traditional Memorial Day festivities.  Campers and musicians move in early to save a space for their tents and rv's. The music festival actually begins on the 28th, but some music happens spontaneously at some of the campsites. Some of the snobbier people in town will avoid the event because of what they call the "hippie" element, while others are attracted more because of it. I think you either like folk and other forms of non-traditional music or you don't. The heat is usually what keeps me away, and work, but sometimes I see some well know names among the talent listings. My husband will have a few extra days free from work, but I'll be working my usual schedule. We originally hoped to attend a nephew's graduation, but those plans had to be cancelled. No together time for travel. Also, hot here with humidity levels high. Rain is spotty, but remains in the forecast for the entire week. Days are rather uncomfortabe, but evenings and nights are very pleasant. A neighboring city usually has military parade and Memorial Day salutes. I'd be more inclined to try to attend these functions, and certainly have on occasion. Not likely this year, however.  We used to have a huge arts and crafts event over the Memorial Day week-end. I loved it, but the city polticians did away with it, saying it was losing money. I regret that everything seems to come down to the flow of money. ~ shakes head~  Anyway, that's life here...whatever your holiday week brings...hope you have some fun. ~ Marcia

05/20/2019 01:21:35

I hope yours is MARVELOUS.

05/20/2019 00:25:32

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