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All 3 of Peter Jackson Tolkien Trilogy
To Kill a Mockingbird
Wake of the Red Witch
IP man 1 & 2
Ten Commandments
The Man who would be King
The Quiet Man
Robin & Marian

Nat King Cole
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Tolkien Lord of the Rings series

Art (Pencil)
I have been at it for over half a century, made a living off of it, lived the life of an artist, taught it to a thousand plus all ages. Perhaps someday I will take on the configuration conditions here at Boomers and post more of my art.Until then, if you would like to see my art send message.

Dance at the weddings of my two youngest.
Walk the bonnie banks of Loch Ness in Scotland.
Ride in a gondola in Venice.
See the Republic restored and delivered from the socialist, communist embracing new agers attempting to count coup on the freedom framed by our forefathers now.

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08/02/14 Fav classic Sultry film Action Siren
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Child of God (ever a work in progress), Father,grandfather, great grandfather, husband (30 years)
Artist, teacher.
Opinionated Scot
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Always good for a guffaw

My woman, Family , friends
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friendly folk

those whom countenance and embrace lies
behavior designed to offend and demean
Progressives, statist, socialism

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Good morning to my wonderful Boomer friends. So devoted and caring are you. I appreciate you every day...even the days that I must be away. I've been out quite a lot lately and i am sorry. I have contracted a virus...a very uncomfortabe virus...and have been unwell. I have developed a case of shingles and most of you already know what it is and how much misery it can cause.  I, also, knew what it was, but am just now learning about the misery. LOL Two weeks I've had it and I am now wondering how long it will hang on with me.  I stepped outside Sunday night to view the moon...eclipse, blood moon, full moon, etc.. I heard 2 distinct owl pairs vocalizing back and forth to their partners. One set was loud and robust and must belong to a fairly large set of birds. The second pair called softly to one another and I reconize them as the ones who visit almost yearly to build their nest. I wonder if the larger birds will drive the smaller away or if they can share the area and be compatible. My interest has again been stirred. All of them must have been enjoying the bright full moon...they were calling repeatedly...even after I went back inside. I hope and look forward to having hatchlings nearby once again. If the cats in the neighborhood don't become a nuisance, that is.  Well, that's me this week. Wish you well and for happiness to grace your new week. ~ Marcia

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Have a nice Tuesday,dear Friend!

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We will always have tonight...


Love always, Annette, "That's All!"

8-18-1932 - Banner Records 32541

Annette Hanshaw - Love Me Tonight - 1932



01/21/2019 17:33:09

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